Tuesday, March 17, 2009

to my dear Patric Fillion!!!

for Patric Fillion !!!
well i never read his comics actually , cause there is no way for me to buy it...so i just enjoy his sexy comics and character on his blog...
as i promise , i just finish this... i hope you like it.


Patrick said...

Oooohhh -- thank you soooo much my friend, for drawing this fantastic illustration! You did such a perfect job with Camili-Cat! I LOVE IT!!!!!

Love the action, love the colors and I love the sexiness and comedy of the image! It really is wonderful!

Thanks you, thank you , THANK YOU!!!! It's truly beautiful and greatly appreciated!

BIG BIG BIG Hugz + kisses to you!

Jezza said...

Very funny, Sunny.
You already had my respect for what you do but now I'm officially a fan. You do great work!

sunyboys said...

thanks...i happy to see that you like this!
soon i put all my comics here!!!

Vaughn Michael said...

Your work is great I hope to see more soon :)